Teen Soyo

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Commonly referred to as Teen SOYO (Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations), this organization is dedicated to providing a church-based forum to teens attending St. Anthony.  Once every year, the registered members of the group elect four officers: a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer who plan activities for the year, under the supervision of their advisers.  Spiritual guidance and support is given by Fr. Elia Shalhoub and Debbie Thieme. The president of the Organization is an Ex-officio Non- voting member of the Parish Council. The mission statement of Teen SOYO is the following:


We of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese or North America, the Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest, and St. George Church, Cicero, IL, all believe that the youth of our church are vital to the continuity of the Faith. As our mission statement states, our activities are based on worship, witness, service, and fellowship the pillars of Teen SOYO.

Congratulations are given to the newly elected SOYO Executive Board.  They recently held elections for the next term and selected four new teens as officers.

The 2015-16 Officers are:

President – Mary Baika
Vice President –
Secretary –
Treasurer – Joy Najjar

 Their work is underway and the officers will need the support of every parishioner at St. Anthony, especially other teens.  Please, attend the planned events, spread the word, and volunteer your time wherever needed. Together, by doing all of this, Teen SOYO will continue to thrive.